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Teenage Dirtbag

Reinventing a classic

Swedish pop artist Fuhr releases “Teenage Dirtbag”, a cover version of rock band Wheatus’ song from 2000. With a synthfilled approach and Fuhr’s expressive deep vocals, the song brings a modern twist to the original.

On the song’s topic, the artist shares an interesting perspective, “I like to think that teenagers haven’t learned to hide what they feel. (. . .) I found that lovely. Especially when it comes to topics like love!”. 

This refreshing perspective towards emotional genuinity is something the artist can completely relate to, “In that sense, -if growing up is about learning how to hide emotions-,  I’d say I’m a late bloomer, cause I can’t seem to be able to hide any feelings for anyone.”

On the original, Fuhr says, “the song takes you back in memory lane of how it felt to be in love for the first time”. This new version can also make you reminisce about your own adolescence, continuing to honor a “soft and cute undertone” he loves about the original.

Former lead singer of the band “Save The Dolphins”,  Fuhr released his first EP “Goodbye” in 2021.

The artist got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2022, he’s now preparing for the release of “Teenage Dirtbag”, on November 25th.

Artwork and photography by Alfred Bolsöy

Tony Fuhrious