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Forgotten Summer Romance

Swedish EDM producer Redvess (a.k.a. Richard Edman) releases “Honey”, his first single of 2022. An energetic successor to his most popular hit “Gemini”, inspired by house music icons like Avicii and Jonas Aden. The song was mixed and mastered by Jonathan Thorpenberg (frontman to The Unguided). 

“The earliest version of this song is from 2020, right after I released Gemini”, Redvess explains. “It started with the bass and some chords. Then I made a melody that ended up becoming the bassline you hear in the chorus.”

“Honey” maintains the topliner style from his latest single, where there is more focus on the processing and chops than on the meaning of the lyrics. “But the song is basically about a summer romance that gets forgotten.”

About the composition and production of the song, Redvess tells us: “I made everything from home, so ‘bedroom producer’ is a fitting description.” For the mix, he collaborated with Jonathan Thorpenberg. The Stockholm-based musician is mostly known for his work with The Unguided, but he’s also produced several EDM hits through the years. 

The sound of Redvess has been evolving from tropical house to more pop-influenced themes, with heavier basslines still inspired by the big figures of Scandinavian EDM. 

The Karlstad-based EDM producer got signed to Rexius Records that year and is now preparing for the release of “Honey” in February. 

Artwork by Fredrik Hannebo.