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Bad Weather

Music to Weather the Storm

Malmö-based An Echoic personifies the uneasiness of tough times in “Bad Weather”, his first single of 2022. A nervous fast-tempo song that reminds you of freak-folk bands like Grizzly Bear, with Swedish verses sprinkled here and there like a self-interrogating monologue. 

“This song is about going through, relating to, and dealing with deep and inevitable suffering.”, An Echoic explains. “It explores the experienced weakness and hopelessness of going through difficult phases, and especially those that seemingly appear out of nowhere.”

The fast-paced mood of the song doesn’t immediately evoke uneasy feelings. But this was exactly what An Echoic had in mind. “To me, the saddest songs aren’t all minor chords for instance.”

The second verse is fully written in his mother tongue. It has a more introspective tone than the rest of the song, describing changes like the loss of identity as a result of life’s biggest hardships. 

“I think Swedish people feel like they must write in English to sound legit or reach a wider audience. My producer Andrew Feels convinced me that this is not at all so.” 

The overarching topics of most of An Echoic’s music are personal identity and introspection. His two EPs “An Echoic EP” (2016) and “Headless Heathen” (2018) go beyond typical alt-folk expectations. Unconventional harmony and sound design are two of his recurrent themes. 

“Bad Weather” will be released via Rexius Records on January 28th, part of a series of singles with similar aesthetics. 

Cover art by Georgia Rose.

An Echoic