The Crazy Hills of Romance

Swedish indie pop band King of Little Sweden returns with “Rollercoaster”, a song about love’s mixture of uncertainty and happiness. This is one of the most danceable tracks so far, drawing inspiration from artists such as KIIRA and Modern Culture. 

“This one is about the ups and downs of falling in love”, the band explains. “Mr. Love and Mr. Hallberg (two of the band’s members) were losing it a bit with girls at that time. They were turning their lives into emotional rollercoasters!”, they explain.

The song’s original version was born in the band’s studio, a cabin on top of the snowy mountains of Verbier (Switzerland). It was written as a collective collaboration after returning from a skiing session together.

The style of Julia Jonsson’s vocals combined with synths and keyboards with electropop influences continues to be present in “Rollercoaster”. “It’s very close to what we have been using these last two years.”, the band explains. 

King of Little Sweden was born as a family project that was made official in 2014, in the Swiss studio owned by the band’s producer/manager and uncle, Sven du Gay. His nephews Julia (vocals) and Love (songwriting) had spent many childhood evenings singing and jamming together with the family, so their 2014 gathering in Verbier was a natural continuation of this. The family’s friends came along to complete the ensemble that year. 

Their ability to transform songs into sonic milk and honey earned them first place on Swedish radio station P3’s rotation for upcoming artists. A mastering collaboration with Abbey Road was also made possible along the way. 

They signed with Rexius Records in 2017. We’ll hear the latest development of their collective creations with the release of “Rollercoaster” on December 3rd.

Cover art by @kimberlyandersson

King of Little Sweden

In the snowy wonderland of Verbier, Switzerland, a very artistic family and their friends started recording music together as King of Little Sweden in the spring of 2014. The Scandipop collective evokes an intersection between the cozy vocals of ELIO and electronic influences from Swedish acts like Romano.

The project was born in a studio with a reclusive mystique located 1675 meters above the sea, owned by their producer/manager and uncle, Sven du Gay. In Sven’s own words, his nephews Julia (vocals) and Love (songwriting) had spent many evenings singing and jamming together with the whole family Jonsson around the piano.

Their call to record in Verbier in 2014 was just a very natural invitation to keep up with their musical gatherings. Along came Love’s friends, Johan and Ludvig, to complete the ensemble. The latest addition to the group is Jacob Hallberg (keyboards and new musical ideas).

The ability to transform songs into milk and honey for your ears earned them first place on P3 Osignat’s 2016 top list, a contest where unsigned artists are voted by radio listeners in Sweden. Their combination of urban life and the solitary heights of the Swiss mountains has also given rise to interesting collaborations, such as the mastering work at Abbey Road.

In the summer of 2017, they signed with Rexius Records and have continued to craft their sound ever since. Their song “Better Off As Friends” (2019) was featured on outlets like Popmuzik (Sweden) and Direct Actu (France).