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“getaway”: FABIAN’s New Pop Gem

A Tale of Love’s Pursuit Despite Imperfect Scenarios 

Swedish pop artist FABIAN is set to captivate listeners with his upcoming single, “getaway,” slated for release on August 25th. The song, featuring a striking chorus wrapped in upbeat, guitar-driven beats, echoes the highs and lows of chasing love with undying dedication.

Drawing from personal experiences and observations of love’s imperfect scenarios, “getaway” paints a picture of romanticism wrapped in resilience. FABIAN captures the desperation and beauty of surrendering to love at any cost, even if it compromises one’s own hopes and wishes.

Co-produced and co-written by FABIAN and Petter Lithvall, “getaway” was crafted throughout 2022 and recorded in the Stigbergsstudion at Gothenburg. 

Fans of the pop style of Joan, NOTD, and Charlie Puth will find a similar appeal in “getaway.” Hailing from Södermalm, Stockholm, FABIAN creates upbeat, captivating pop beats, capturing listeners with catchy, straightforward melodies and uplifting energy.

FABIAN’s signing with Rexius Records in 2020 marked a new phase in his musical journey. ”getaway” is a testament to FABIAN’s evolved musicality and a reflection of a new era of more musical maturity in his career. 

Mark your calendars for the release of “Getaway,” FABIAN’s unmissable new single, hitting all streaming platforms on August 25th. Stay tuned for a song that offers a refreshing, exciting perspective on the pursuit of love.

Photo: Cim Ek