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Badman: Maklo & Peter’s Honest New Pop Anthem

A Song Full Of Sincere Lyrics and Catchy Melodies

Swedish pop duo Maklo & Peter are ready to unveil their latest single “Badman,” a catchy synth-pop track about the nuances of a man’s character and his thoughts on a possible love conquest. The single, resonating with the sound of artists like Vargas & Lagola and 5 Seconds of Summer, is set to be released on September 8th.

Capturing the essence of the duo’s real-life personas, the song portrays the complexity of having faults but remaining good-hearted people. This complexity defines the song’s protagonist, as he candidly relays his feelings and true self to a love interest.

The lyrical authenticity and captivating sound of “Badman” stem from the creative synergy of Maklo & Peter, who co-wrote the song. The track was also produced by Maklo, following the usual creative flow that has given the duo their most successful tracks to date.

With their unique style, characterized by honesty and positivity, Maklo & Peter create a resonating connection with their listeners. Since their first singles in 2021 and various releases in 2022, the duo has demonstrated an impressive evolution in their artistry. Their signing with Rexius Records in 2022 has also allowed them to expand their creative horizons and gradually grow their audience.

Get ready to embrace the authenticity and heartfelt melodies of “Badman” by Maklo & Peter. Remember to stream it on September 8th, and let their vivid storytelling captivate your senses.

Designer of artwork: Maklo & Peter

Maklo & Peter