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War Games: Two Pound Tea’s Commentary On Global Conflicts

A Powerful Call To Rise Up

UK punk rock band Two Pound Tea is poised to release their impactful new single “War Games,” on September 1st. The potent track delves into the poignant topic of global conflicts, addressing the societal impacts these wars have on people around the world.

With an intriguing blend of Punk Rock and darker musical elements that are more similar to the sound of doom metal, “War Games” evokes the spirit of influential bands like IDLES and Dead Kennedys. The song’s profound political commentary and memorable guitar solo showcase Two Pound Tea’s social and political consciousness and powerful sound.

Produced by Michael Kew and written by the band’s lead man, Jimi Chialoufas, the track reflects the unsettling reality of our world today, reflecting on the impact of current conflicts on society as poverty, inequality, and inflation increase around the world.

Having signed with Rexius Records in 2023, Two Pound Tea’s journey has been a relentless surge of energy, resulting in two EPs since 2019. Their music serves as a voice for the voiceless, stimulating a sense of urgency for action against societal injustices.

Don’t miss the potent sounds and stirring social commentary of “War Games,” set to release on September 1st.

Designer of artwork: Two Pound Tea

Two Pound Tea