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Two Pound Tea

Two Pound Tea


Reigniting the Flame of Political Punk Rock

Rexius Records

Aylesbury, UK

Two Pound Tea


The UK Band’s Call For Revolution
The spirit of Punk is alive and well in the music of UK Punk Rock band, Two Pound Tea. Channeling the rebellious energy of our times, the band’s sound echoes the style of iconic bands like The Clash and Dead Kennedys.

Embodying the political consciousness that defines the original punk culture, Two Pound Tea strives to spark a revolution. Their lyrics, woven with purpose and passion, aim to inspire kindred spirits, connect with common folks, and urge them to rise against injustice.

Two Pound Tea’s sound, a potent fusion of punk, classic rock, and indie rock, seeks to ignite action and provide a voice to the average person worldwide. Their tracks serve as anthems of resistance, resonating with the concerns and aspirations of the masses.

Their electrifying live performances have already entranced audiences at festivals and notable gigs, including opening for Spandau Ballet’s lead singer, Tony Hadley. With two EPs under their belt since 2019, their music continues to gain momentum.

In 2023, Two Pound Tea made a significant leap forward, signing with Rexius Records. This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their musical revolution, promising more impactful and fervent anthems for the voiceless.


War Games: Two Pound Tea’s Commentary On Global Conflicts

Release Date: September 1, 2023