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Unleashing “EXTINCTION PART 1”: TaxaJermy’s Bold Take on the Apocalypse

A Hypnotic Rock Take On A Doomsday Scenario

American experimental rock artist TaxaJermy is poised to make a deep impression with his new single, “EXTINCTION PART 1,” an audacious exploration of global extinction. The song, a vivid picture of a world on the edge of collapse, is set for release on September 1st.

With its hypnotic vocals and heavy guitars, “EXTINCTION PART 1” resonates with the innovative soundscapes of artists like Tool, System of A Down, and Korn. It dives headfirst into a dark, apocalyptic narrative, providing a unique perspective on our collective future.

Produced and written in collaboration with Lino Alessio, this track captures a powerful message derived from TaxaJermy’s vivid imagination. Crafted during a recording session in August 2022 at J Wolf Studios in Oregon, “EXTINCTION PART 1” serves as a compelling testament to the duo’s creativity and musical synergy.

TaxaJermy has crafted a sonic journey that’s as thought-provoking as it is sonically diverse. After signing with Rexius Records in 2023, he continues to challenge listeners’ expectations with his genre-bending sound.

Don’t miss out on the much-anticipated release of “EXTINCTION PART 1” on September 1st, an audacious plunge into the unknown, brought to life by the boundary-pushing soundscapes of TaxaJermy. Explore the uncharted territories of sound, and prepare to have your musical horizons broadened.

Designer of artwork: Gary Whitley, Photo: Tim Cash