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“Dear Diary” & “Misprint” – Channeling Xersize’s Inner World

Reflections On Life’s Twists, Turns, and Triumphs

Swedish rap artist Xersize is ready to unveil two deeply personal singles, “Dear Diary” and “Misprint,” set for release on September 1st. Inspired by artists like Ken Ring, NF, and Eminem, these tracks offer an intimate look at Xersize’s recent experiences and a hopeful and potent vision of the future.

The past year has been a tumultuous journey for Xersize, filled with significant life changes including relocation, attending funerals, and celebrating baptisms. These experiences have enriched the emotional depths of both “Dear Diary” and “Misprint.” In “Dear Diary,” he pours out his thoughts over a solitary piano beat, painting a vivid image of his personal struggles and triumphs. “Misprint” reveals another facet of Xersize’s inner world, where he channels his frustrations, contemplates the current rap scene, and showcases his resilient determination to make his mark in the rap industry.

Both songs were crafted in collaboration with producer Robinholta, who also lends his vocals to the chorus of “Dear Diary.” The tracks were recorded in Xersize’s personal studio during an intense period of introspection and change.

Signing with Rexius Records marked a milestone for Xersize, a seasoned artist who’s already showcased his lyrical prowess and evocative storytelling in the industry. His talent for breathing life into raw emotions, combined with his honest reflections on personal experiences, allows him to craft a powerful artistic persona.

Join Xersize on this journey of self-discovery, reflection, and perseverance. Save the date, September 1st, to experience the world through his lens with “Dear Diary” and “Misprint.”

Designer of artwork: Simon Renström, Photo: Daniel Wahlström/Heavy Groove Media