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Love & Axel

Love & Axel - From Stockholm to Barcelona A Perfect Synergy and the Birth of a New Genre Love & Axel is a Swedish pop-hop duo formed by two brothers from Stockholm. Together, they craft a genre-blending sound influenced by the already classic melodic EDM of the 2010s and the…
February 9, 2024

Ms. Jesso

Ms. Jesso - Learning to Shine Through An Empowering New Voice in Swedish Pop Ms. Jesso is an emerging Swedish pop artist whose music projects the strength of someone who has dared to follow her dreams. Inspired by artists such as Rihanna, Doja Cat, and RAYE, her songs share multiple…
February 8, 2024


A Sincere New Voice In Swedish Indie Pop Loven is an up-and-coming indie pop artist from Sweden. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Markus Krunegård, Lars Winnerbäck, and Håkan Hellström, he creates music imbibed with raw authenticity and emotional depth. His sound is a reflection of personal experiences, woven into…
August 25, 2023

Maklo & Peter

Swedish pop duo Maklo & Peter manages to approach serious topics and blend them with an uplifting and colorful energy. With sounds that can connect to the style of artists like Veronica Maggio and Dermot Kennedy, their songs have a way to open a window into the current state of…
March 10, 2023

Per Holmblad

My songs are a reflection of my emotions and I want to make people feel something.
December 28, 2022


Swedish pop artist EVE compels young women to stand up for themselves through a powerful vocal performance that evokes associations to SIA and hints of Adele. But the Swedish approach to production and songwriting bears a closer resemblance to performers like Molly Sandén. EVE might’ve grown up in a small…
December 22, 2021