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Love & Axel

Love & Axel


Rexius Records

Stockholm, Sweden

Love & Axel


Love & Axel – From Stockholm to Barcelona
A Perfect Synergy and the Birth of a New Genre
Love & Axel is a Swedish pop-hop duo formed by two brothers from Stockholm. Together, they craft a genre-blending sound influenced by the already classic melodic EDM of the 2010s and the straightforward rap of the ‘90s. Drawing inspiration from influential artists like Mac Miller and Kodak Black, they have shaped a unique style that has become a genre of their own.

With musical roots stemming from varied genres such as metal and techno, the brothers’ journey took them to Barcelona, where they discovered their sound. Their foray into hip-hop led them to invent pop-hop, a genre where they encapsulate their reflections on life and the world around them, diverging from the usual lyrical themes of hip-hop to maintain their authentic voice.

Love & Axel have released two albums and several singles since their debut in 2019. Their creative versatility and artistic freedom have driven them to collaborate with numerous artists, exploring many types of sounds.

In 2023, Love & Axel signed with Rexius Records, hoping to share more of their authentic sound with the world.



Release Date: March 15, 2024