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Os Extintos

Os Extintos


Rexius Records

Ressacada, Itajaí - SC, Brazil

Os Extintos


Os Extintos – A Bridge of Sounds and Ages
Bringing New Life Into Rock
Os Extintos is a Brazilian rock band that aims to rekindle the flame of rock’s golden years. Inspired by bands like Greta Van Fleet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Led Zeppelin, their music is a rich tapestry of diverse influences that weaves the unique essence and emotions of its members.

Formed in the South of Brazil, the band started as the small project of a group of college friends. After experiencing the joy of playing their favorite rock songs, the group started writing their own music, fusing their eclectic influences. Through their collaborative effort, they found a distinctive sound that would help them start chasing their greatest goal: Reclaiming the essence of what makes rock great.

After the pandemic, Os Extintos regrouped and released their debut single, building their local following through pub gigs and as a supporting act to bigger bands. Their growing fanbase would take a giant leap during the next year as their TikTok account went viral, leading to an enormous growth in their social media presence.

Grassroots support would help the band take its next great leap, winning first place in the contest to participate in the “Mundial Rock” festival after beating two rounds and leading the final race by a thousand votes. This triumph allowed them to achieve the dream of playing in front of an audience of thousands in the most important festival of their state.

With their energetic shows and deep passion for rock, Os Extintos aim to touch the hearts of their audiences by channeling emotions into heartfelt lyrics with relatable, universal themes. Their music builds bridges between classic and new sounds, individual and universal experiences, embracing the listener along the way.

Os Extintos released their debut single in 2021, followed by their EP “Don’t Stop Rocking” in 2022. In 2023 they teamed up with Rexius Records, continuing their never-ending quest to bring rock’s greatness back to life.


The Lonely Wolf

Release Date: March 8, 2024