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Edvard Hernevik

Edvard Hernevik


Rexius Records

Gothenburg, Sweden

Edvard Hernevik


Edvard Hernevik – Returning to the Source
A Vibrant Voice in the Swedish Folk-Rock Scene
Edvard Hernevik is a Swedish folk-rock artist whose music echoes the sounds of classic rock and folk-rock legends like The Byrds and Neil Young. His songs speak of love as the underlying essence of everything, inviting you on a journey of appreciation for all things.

Edvard’s deep connection to music was ignited during his spell in Memphis, TN, where he discovered the profound influence it would have on his life. He would then spend around ten years in the band Den Stora Vilan, before finding his voice as a solo artist.

His solo career led him to discover himself as a singer, finding his essence through the unique path of this new artistic vision. As he explains, “I’ve discovered that when I’m allowed to sing and do my thing, I come close to myself.”

Since his solo debut in 2017, Edvard Hernevik has released three albums. In 2023, he signed with Rexius Records, eager to continue sharing his vibrant and colorful artistic vision with the world.


Lover in the Night

Release Date: May 3, 2024