Dave Is Online

Swedish Scandipop collective King of Little Sweden is back with “Dave Is Online”, a song about emotional disconnection in digital times. The mellow vocals of Julia Jonsson remind you of ELIO, with some R&B influences here and there. Certain electronic sounds also evoke echoes of Swedish artists like Romano. "This…
June 24, 2021

Radio Shadow

The clever lyricism of Leading Edge’s new single “Radio Shadow” traverses the urban landscapes of heartbreak supported by a rich acoustic ensemble, exploring pop-influenced instrumental hooks and vocal harmonies with certain reminiscences of First Aid Kit. The Swedish septet’s new sound was consolidated by the neo-mellow approach of producer Alexander…
January 23, 2020

Leading Edge

Swedish folk-pop ensemble Leading Edge combines the love for catchy melodies and stylish production of Nordic pop with indie folk’s organic instrumental qualities and lyricism. The seven-part band displays a palette of influences ranging from Coldplay to The Paper Kites, with a sophisticated frontwoman that may evoke associations to Florence…
January 18, 2020

Better Off As Friends

Swedish indie pop band King of Little Sweden depicts the melancholic contradictions of romantic farewells in their new single “Better Off As Friends”. Julia Jonsson’s vocals elicit nostalgia for unlived experiences, which in combination with the intimate instrumentals results in a project somewhere between the pop-influenced RnB of Janice and…
December 11, 2019