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The Kountess

The Kountess

Indie Pop, Pop

Rexius Records

Athens, Greece

The Kountess


The Kountess – The Fabrics of a Dream
A Passionate Emerging Voice in Pop
The Kountess is an Italian-Greek pop artist who lives and breathes music. Inspired by artists such as Tori Kelly, Tove Lo, and Taylor Swift, her songs are the culmination of a lifelong dream and an inspiring personal journey.

Born into a family of music lovers, The Kountess began her musical journey at a young age, learning to play the piano and the guitar at ages 6 and 8, respectively. Her first song, written at age 10, marked the beginning of a passion that would become the most important thing in her life.

After a period of doubt and silence at 16, forced by career uncertainty, The Kountess rediscovered her voice. She found new life in the art of storytelling, vowing to reveal her entire self through her songs.

Her lyrics touch deep, intimate aspects of her life, revealing her emotions, dreams, and fears, as well as her fun side, turning vulnerability into her biggest strength. She has learned to live for and through music, channeling her deepest, purest truth into the magic of her songs.

In 2023, The Kountess released her first three singles, exploring a broad range of genres such as dance-pop, disco, R&B, pop trap, and pop rock. That same year, she signed with Rexius Records, as she continues to pour her heart and soul into her musical dream.



Release Date: May 10, 2024