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Izzy Maher

Izzy Maher


Rexius Records

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Izzy Maher


Izzy Maher – Amplifying Emotions
An Intimate Voice in Indie Pop
Izzy Maher is an emerging Brooklyn-based indie pop artist who uses music as a medium to connect to her rich emotional microcosm. Her songs are canvases of sincere expression and portraits of her ever-changing life, echoing the style of artists like Lizzy McAlpine and Regina Spektor.

Izzy’s love of music has been an integral part of her life. She discovered her songwriting talent early on, beginning to write songs at the age of 7. From an early age, she discovered music as her main tool for processing and releasing emotions.

Her sound has evolved as a natural part of her journey, starting with her acoustic debut EP “Make Room” and growing into an explorative and diverse mixture of influences that manifested in her first LP “Here’s to Hoping,” in 2023.

Izzy’s multicolored music reflects the vast spectrum of thoughts and emotions of her inner world. Her songs are constantly inspired by different personal aspects of her life, touching on an array of topics like relationships, loneliness, blockages, and emotional saturation.

Izzy Maher debuted in 2021 with her single “Cupcake.” Over the past three years, she has released various singles, an EP, and an LP. In 2023, she signed with Rexius Records, looking to continue sharing her intimate music with the world.


“The Old You” – The Echo of a Dwindling Friendship

Release Date: April 12, 2024