Day Felice crafts a memory of destruction and rebirth in “Ashes”, the band’s second album. Therapeutic confessions and politics coexist with a mix of Romanticism and alt-rock, in a concept that frontman David Lindström describes as “contrast pop”. The lyrics were partly inspired by his difficult experiences as an actor…
May 14, 2021

Northern Lights

In their new album “Northern Lights”, Swedish folk-pop band Leading Edge transmutes the sound influences of 2010s indie folk into a sonic alchemy of pop vocal harmonies, rock-inspired guitar lines, and bluegrass violin elements. With the lyrical introspection of an eternal traveler, the selection produced by Alexander Asp presents a…
February 25, 2020

Radio Shadow

The clever lyricism of Leading Edge’s new single “Radio Shadow” traverses the urban landscapes of heartbreak supported by a rich acoustic ensemble, exploring pop-influenced instrumental hooks and vocal harmonies with certain reminiscences of First Aid Kit. The Swedish septet’s new sound was consolidated by the neo-mellow approach of producer Alexander…
January 23, 2020

King of Little Sweden

In the snowy wonderland of Verbier, Switzerland, a very artistic family and their friends started recording music together as King of Little Sweden in the spring of 2014. The collective evokes an intersection between the cozy forest-vibe of acts like The Head and the Heart and the sophisticated crafty pop…
May 18, 2018

Headless Heathen

"Headless Heathen", An Echoic's second EP, bears the weight of introspective existence in five songs. His debut release with Rexius Records is defined by “Headlessness”, a term that encapsulates his philosophical observations deriving from a self-reflective approach to creation - and life, for that matter. The songs are by no…
May 14, 2018

An Echoic

An Echoic's music is one of those rare gems that encourage you to push beyond your usual listening habits, subtly taking notice of its quirky quality. What started as a solo experiment in 2016 after dropping out of jazz school became a solid artistic project for Martin Kihlstedt, Swedish singer-songwriter…
May 14, 2018

I’ll Be Waiting

It might be the melancholic and careful slowness with which “I’ll Be Waiting” unravels its verses. Maybe it’s the depiction of the different ways in which the longing for a former lover manifests: Apparently frozen in time, yet raining continuously in one’s mind. In any case, there’s something about King…
May 14, 2018

There’s a Reason

When you travel around the world (and your own country) as much as Marcus Friman, Swedish singer/songwriter behind “Land of Trees”, the journey changes you in such a profound way that it starts becoming introspective at some point. Your past and inner struggles turn into landmarks that slowly but steadily…
Rexius Records
November 8, 2017

Land of Trees

In a country like Sweden, where more than half the territory is covered by forests, it’s hard not to come into contact with nature at some point. Such an inviting environment spontaneously gives birth to wanderers, explorers of Earth who embrace a sort of nomadic lifestyle that fosters artistic inspiration.…
November 2, 2017

Signs of Life

To a decades-long lineage of folk singer/songwriters, lyrics are everything - try listening to a song by Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan without focusing on the words. Some other creators in the genre, like Jonas Lundvall, focus on crafting intricate narrative landscapes through sound, with lyrics adding to the overall…
September 8, 2017