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Radio Shadow

Radio Shadow

The clever lyricism of Leading Edge’s new single “Radio Shadow” traverses the urban landscapes of heartbreak supported by a rich acoustic ensemble, exploring pop-influenced instrumental hooks and vocal harmonies with certain reminiscences of First Aid Kit. The Swedish septet’s new sound was consolidated by the neo-mellow approach of producer Alexander Asp.

The sound of Leading Edge is characterized by reflections in movement. “Radio Shadow” might have certain tones of nostalgic contemplation, but the music keeps moving forward, in a combination evocative of early-evening commutes in the Swedish winter. The imagery of the lyrics is also influenced by this idea of movement: Journeying from one place to another, both metaphorically and physically.

“I write a lot of lyrics going to different places, so usually being on a train or in a car”, frontwoman Anna Johannisson explains. “I refer to my songs as an emotional diary, and for me, it’s a way to deal with things that are happening in life.”

Formed in 2012 by Johannisson (vocals and songwriting), Leading Edge originated as a group of university students in the southern city of Lund. The band’s overall aesthetics carry a subtle influence from the town’s intellectual and open-minded student life.

After recording some demos, Leading Edge participated in the 2015 edition of Emergenza, an international competition for upcoming bands. They made it to the regional finals and were featured on local radio on the occasion of their performance. Their debut EP “It’s Time” was released in 2016.

Their second EP “Ghost” (2018) received positive reviews on blogs like LA Music Critic and Blues Bunny. Leading Edge got signed to Rexius Records in 2019 and are currently preparing for their first single release with the label, “Radio Shadow”. The song will be released on February 14th.

Reflective Heartbreak Impressions

February 14, 2020