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Apple-Pie Universe

Apple-Pie Universe

Energetic indie rock banger “Apple-Pie Universe” introduces us to The Shatterheads’ balanced sonic philosophy. The Malmö-based band explores a particular outlook on the genre in a memorable debut single, with peculiar lyricism and distinctive drum syncopation. Their interplay of soft/loud dynamics might remind you of grunge’s early years, combined with influences from the 2000s (from The Strokes to Foals).

Carl Sagan quite appropriately said that “if you want to make a pie from scratch, you must first create the universe”. This is a convenient metaphor for The Shatterhead’s sound recipe: Their songwriting process focuses on the creation of their musical firmament, with all other elements falling into place as a result. For this reason, the lyrics reflect how the music sounds – not the other way around.

Their texts stand on their own, though: “Apple-Pie Universe” expresses a candid love confession devoid of artificial formulas, transporting you to the era of sincere guitar-based teenage anthems represented by bands like Arctic Monkeys.

“Apple-Pie Universe” might exude a retro vibe, but there are very personal elements that depart from the wave of 2000s indie rock. Their visual aesthetics, while abstract, don’t feel as cold as those of bands like Interpol. The cover art was painted by frontman Philip Vaduva, in what constitutes a sort of flowery Jackson Pollock.

The Shatterheads originated as a concept in the mind of Vaduva, who recorded more than 50 fully-fledged demos during his college years before the final aesthetics of the band’s debut album took its final form.

“The full band has since built on this sound, and constantly look to improve and enhance the songs in a live context, creating new and exciting ways for the album to be heard.”, Vaduva explains.

After signing with Rexius Records at the end of 2019, the band is preparing for its debut release with the single “Apple-Pie Universe” on February 7th. An appetizer for their first album, which will be available in April.

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February 7, 2020