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The Shatterheads

The Shatterheads

Indie Rock

Tricolored Indie Rock

Rexius Records

Lund, Sweden

The Shatterheads


Swedish indie rock band The Shatterheads encapsulate the virtues of a balanced approach to creativity: Distancing yourself from artificial extremes to allow for honest, unpretentious expression. Their sound presents an interplay of soft/loud dynamics reminiscent of grunge’s early years, combined with diverse guitar-based influences from the past two decades (from The Strokes to Foals). A peculiar approach to lyrics and the distinctive syncopation of drums complete the band’s personal take on the genre.

The Shatterheads’ balanced songwriting evokes certain visual associations: Their sound textures are neither rough nor smooth; the colors are neither dark nor happy. In this sense, their tricolored preference for black, red and white is no coincidence. It also happens to have a nostalgic touch of 2000s/2010s design (The White Stripes, Interpol, etc.).

The band’s lyrics align with this visual philosophy. “The lyrics are meant to reflect what the music sounds like, and not the other way around.” Frontman Philip Vaduva explains.

“Listeners can often tell if a song is desperately trying to appeal and convey a false narrative.”, he continues. “Therefore lyrics can be dark, happy, surreal, transparent, etc, as long as they are sung with true intent and come from a human place.”

The Shatterheads originated as a concept in the mind of Vaduva, who recorded more than 50 fully-fledged demos during his college years before the final aesthetics of the band’s debut album took its final form.

“The full band has since built on this sound, and constantly look to improve and enhance the songs in a live context, creating new and exciting ways for the album to be heard.”, Vaduva explains.

After signing with Rexius Records at the end of 2019, the band is preparing for its debut release with the single “Apple-Pie Universe” on February 7th. An appetizer for their first album, which will be available in April.


The Shatterheads

Release Date: April 3, 2020