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The Shatterheads

The Shatterheads

There is a whole palette of classic indie rock sounds in The Shatterheads’ self-titled debut album. From the colorful chords of opener N.19, to the anthemic Ultra-Girl, the Malmö-based quartet depicts candid portraits of college student introspection, young love, and daydreams with no end, all through balanced and unassuming songwriting.

The album (and the band itself) originated as a concept in the mind of frontman Philip Vaduva, who recorded more than 50 fully-fledged demos during his last college year: “The demos spanned a wide range of sounds and genres, and it took months to completely get an understanding of what the album was ultimately going to sound like.”, he explains.

The exploration now continues during live performances, beyond the album’s final result: “The full band has since built on this sound, and constantly look to improve and enhance the songs in a live context, creating new and exciting ways for the album to be heard.”, Vaduva concludes.

The Shatterheads have achieved a solid aesthetic unity in spite of the sonic variety of their debut album: There is a bias towards soft/loud dynamic contrasts, which occur in almost every song. The creative lyricism of the album is also full of rich imagery, featuring associations to everything from Carl Sagan to the chemical purity of gold.

The Shatterheads got signed to Rexius Records at the end of 2019 and released their debut single “Apple-Pie Universe” earlier this year. The song earned them multiple features on blogs such as Velvety, Reignland Magazine, and Vinyl Chapters.

The Malmö-based quartet is now preparing for the release of their self-titled debut album produced by Joar Sylvan, who has previously worked with renowned Swedish rock acts such as bob hund and MANKIND. “The Shatterheads” will be available on April the 3rd.

Dynamic Riffs & Daydreams

April 3, 2020