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Uplifting tropical/piano house that seeks to remind listeners of the limitless beauty of life

Rexius Records

Tofte, MN, USA



Galiso is an American EDM artist driven by a love for travel, nature, and the thrill of adventure. Influenced by artists such as Sigala, Jonas Blue, and Hogland, he crafts a unique blend of upbeat and nostalgic tunes, reflecting the wisdom of someone who cherishes life’s best moments.

Galiso’s music strives to find deeper meaning and hope in the beauty of nature. He aims to create sounds that reflect the feeling of exploring a new place or submerging in the woods. For him, the greatest inspiration to create always comes from the joy of the outdoors and traveling all around the world.

Galiso’s passion for creating music reignited during a trip to Portugal and Spain, where he found a deep-seated need to share his love for adventure and the transformative power of travel and nature in his life.

After signing with Rexius Records in 2023, Galiso is determined to share more of his passion with the world.


“Just Friends” – Galiso’s Tale of Effervescent Chemistry

Release Date: October 27, 2023