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It's like an end of time, the melodies and lyrics embraces you, clear your mind and open up paths that you always thought would be a part of the unknown.

Rexius Records



Swedish singer-songwriter BSHN crafts introspective music imbued with authenticity and warmth. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Rodríguez and Neil Young, he presents narratives steeped in life’s experiences, infused with the subtle beauty of nature and solitude.

BSHN’s songs create sonic landscapes that mirror life’s complexities, embracing the listener as they submerge in the sounds of life events and the world around us. His music offers an honest perspective, encouraging listeners to appreciate ordinary moments and the profound beauty they hold.

In December 2020, BSHN released his debut single “Lost In Uncertainty.” He signed with Rexius Records in 2021 and released the double single “The Entrance Is Clear” in January 2022 with the label.

BSHN’s unique voice continues to resonate as he evolves and grows as an artist, inspiring audiences to embrace the nuances of their own experiences.


“The Climb” – A Touching Reminder

Release Date: November 10, 2023