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Alt Pop

A Kaleidoscope of Sounds

Rexius Records

Lake Oswego, OR, USA



bobbyrobby – A Kaleidoscope of Sounds
A Canvas of Psychedelic Dreams and Universal Love
bobbyrobby is an American indie dream pop artist who understands music as a pure expression of universal love and freedom. Crafting ethereal soundscapes that echo the style of artists like Beach House and Cocteau Twins, his music is a testament to the magic of art.

Infusing psychedelic sounds with dreamy ambient and his expertise as a producer of an array of genres such as hip-hop, electronic, rock, R&B, and pop, bobbyrobby’s music explores a kaleidoscope of experiences with a youthful curiosity, dwelling on the intimate and the universal with a unique personal voice.

His lifelong love of music and his profound drive to let art guide his path have allowed bobbyrobby to find a unique style. The evocative, synth-laden, ethereal sounds of his music will surely immerse you in a vibrant journey of personal discovery.

Bobbyrobby released his debut EP “Lotus to Crow” in early 2023. Later that year, he signed with Rexius Records, a step further in a journey that promises more captivating dreamscapes and fearless freedom.



Release Date: May 3, 2024