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Swedish singer-songwriter Shalisa Taylor returns with “You”, an acoustic commentary on the hurtful secrets of a relationship. Her mellow vocals and impressionist songwriting reminiscent of Norah Jones have previously earned her a feature on Spotify’s Evening Commute playlist and blogs like Scandinavian Soul and Lefuturewave. She was also a renowned debutante in Swedish radio station P3.

“You” is a song with an acoustic soul-influenced sound that further develops the approach of Taylor’s self-titled EP. Just like in her previous work, the lyrics of her new single are a collection of impressions rather than a linear story.

The songwriting sounds more mature and its feelings more universal, but the presence of pop is still evident in the memorable melody of the chorus. In this sense, we can still draw associations between Taylor and Scandinavian artists like Miriam Bryant.

Shalisa Taylor’s early music influences are also present in “You”. The interplay of vocal tracks in the song might have been shaped by her life-long training as a singer: “My favorite part of music is singing and writing, where different vocal arrangements really interest me. This may come from my past with choirs.”

Shalisa Taylor’s debut as a solo artist with the release of “Fight” in 2017 got to top 10 on Swedish radio station P3, playing on their program for unsigned talents for several weeks. She got signed to Rexius Records later that year, releasing her single “Yours to Keep” and a self-titled EP soon after.

Taylor is currently preparing for the release of a succession of singles later this year. “You” will be available on September 4th.

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Mellow Tones of Secrecy

September 4, 2020