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Recreated pays tribute to a decades-long lineage of Gothenburg melodeath in their new album “Evila”. Following the breakthrough release of “Væringr”, the Swedish band now presents us with a selection of brutal sounds with the modern production approach of Robert Kukla (former Studio Fredman, Hammerfall, The Unguided).

“Evila” marks the fourth release of the Gothenburg-based quintet. The album solidifies months of arduous recordings at Kukla’s Obsidian Recording Studios, adjacent to Studio Fredman (At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, among others).

Recreated’s own take on Gothenburg metal draws inspiration from sources beyond its geographical origins. “Evila” evokes associations to acts like The Black Dahlia Murder, especially evident in songs like “Libertas” and “Prison of Flesh”.

The latter is the lyrical highlight of the album, combining gruesome images evocative of old-school death metal with a social criticism that is frequent in contemporary Swedish acts.

While the band has slowly departed from its early black metal influences, the synth melodies of tracks like “Ov Immortality” and “Uncreate” are reminiscent of acts like Behemoth.

The idea of resilience and transcendence is a common topic in the album, represented by the metaphor of battle. This recurring theme is illustrated by dynamic rhythmic motives in songs like “Væringr”. The track refers to the viking warriors that served as royal guard for the Bizantine Empire.

Recreated was founded in Växjö in 2008, moving to Gothenburg a few years later. The band has performed at several underground stages across Scandinavia, reaching finals at Emergenza festival (2018). They were also featured as a support act to Necrophobic’s 30-year anniversary in 2019.

The band got signed to Rexius Records in 2019 and released “Væringr” in June 2020. The song constitutes the introductory single to “Evila” and earned them a feature on blogs the likes of Dear Untitled, Metalperver, and Rock Era Magazine. “Evila” will be released in September 2020.

Cover art by Pavel Kubanov, chief artist at all4bands.

Rise of the Gothenburg Phoenix

September 25, 2020