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Bobby Blaque’s new single “DIVA” is an admiration anthem to the strong women in his life. The Gothenburg-based rapper rhymes over a bizarre, heavily processed acoustic guitar loop produced by Neighbrbeats and co-produced by Trap Teddy. The song’s alternative production draws inspiration from artists stretching from Tory Lanez to Ty Dolla $ign.

“This song is a dedication to all the women out there, their grace, strength, their glow, and beauty that they possess despite all the hardships they go through.”, Blaque explains.

The DIVA is a woman that turns your world upside down. The DIVA doesn’t follow, she leads. In the rapper’s own words, “What really inspired me to write this song was all the strong female characters I’ve met and gotten to know through all these years.”

“DIVA” marks Bobby Blaque’s third release after his bubblegum-influenced debut “Thirty Rack$” and the quirky flow of “STICKS”. The vocals in “DIVA” are somewhere in between the style of his former singles, returning to his earlier singsong technique – but without too much processing. Blaque’s vocal versatility and tongue-in-cheek rhymes are here to stay.

The overall aesthetics of Bobby Blaque are also influenced by the identity crisis derived from his background as a trans-racially adopted child: Beyond laid-back appearances, the alleyways of his unconscious mind still revisit the traumatic experience of trans-racial adoption in early childhood.

But instead of opting for a simplistic approach, Blaque has developed an ambiguous style with a touch of Gothenburg underground and witty flows. The sound of DIVA is 100% Bobby Blaque, departing from his earlier influences.

The experiment of combining Blaque’s background with an alternative sound turned out to be a massive success, with Thirty Rack$ quickly becoming the fastest-growing song in Rexius Records History, reaching the 1,000,000-mark in a record-breaking 73 days. DIVA will be released on August 25th.

Female 2.0

August 25, 2020