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High With Somebody Else

High With Somebody Else

Sanna Martinez is soon reaching a point where she won’t need an introduction. From her songwriting ascent to Icelandic Eurovision semi-finals to the addition to Spotify Editorials like “Upbeat Songs About Love”, her driven attitude is taking her places. Her new single “High With Somebody Else” evokes 80s dance pop vibes and a powerful vocal presence inspired by Ariana Grande. Sanna doesn’t need someone: Someone needs her.

Her recipe for dance pop combines the elegance of R&B/soul vocal performance with the versatility learned from a life-long involvement with music. Having recently collaborated with EDM producers the likes of Max Styler and QUIX, she now presents us with her pop songwriting approach in “High With Somebody Else”.

In a similar manner to her previous hit “I Got It”, Sanna’s lyrical style is unapologetic and self-reliant. “High With Somebody Else” depicts a straightforward confession: She isn’t in love with you, and she doesn’t need to. The clarity of these words is accompanied by a rich 80s-inspired synth curtain and pop beat.

Sanna recently graduated from Musikmakarna, the most prominent Swedish songwriting school that has contributed to the “Swedish music wonder” phenomenon. She also studied at Dreamhill Music Academy, founded by Anders Bagge (songwriter for, among others, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Jessica Simpson).

Martinez got signed as a solo artist to Rexius Records in 2017 and has been simultaneously developing her songwriting career. One of her recent creations, “Hands On Me”, got placed in TV show Love Island USA. She also co-wrote “Echo” in February 2020, a song that reached finals at Söngvakeppnin (Iceland’s pre-selection to Eurovision).

Sanna’s singles have been featured on a variety of Spotify Editorials the likes of “Beast Mode” and “GRL PWR”. She’s now preparing for the release of “High With Somebody Else”. The song will be available as a digital single in June 2020.

Bold 80s-inspired Confession

June 18, 2020