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“Silver” is a perfect example of Wales’ rock formula: A bit less bouncy than Mando Diao, but a bit more energetic than Two Door Cinema Club. The band’s sound is infused with hints of earworm indie pop, with some 2000s vibes written all over it. “Silver” constitutes their debut EP and was recorded in Gothenburg under the production of Alexander Asp, embodying the spirit of the town’s local rock scene. But they are 100% Stockholmers at heart.

Wales began as a chance meeting between Viktor Gänger (Guitar) and Karl Engwall (Guitar) at a bar in Stockholm. They had both just quit their latest music projects and decided to form a new one together. Along came their mutual friend Max, who with his own hands had just built a rehearsal studio in his backyard and was the most talented drummer they knew.

Wales, now seven years into the greatest project they ever committed to, as determined as ever, as ready as ever to keep creating and sharing love, music, and joy to whoever might be listening.

Earworm 2000s Rock

August 21, 2020