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What a Time

Celebrating Summer Romance

Matobi’s new upbeat EDM/pop single is the sound of love under the sun. “What a Time” features Birch in the vocals (Travel With the Sun) and Jonathan Thorpenberg (The Unguided) in the production. Celebrating life next to your lover, with future bass influences like The Chainsmokers. But the song’s pristine synths transport us to a more modern pop sound. 

The Swedish DJ/producer duo had already worked with a pop topliner on their 2019 single “Time’s Up”. The song featured hit-maker Sanna Martinez, reminding you of Marshmello and Halsey.

For “What a Time”, they ventured into rock territory: Birch is known for his frontman role in Travel With the Sun. This gives the song a stronger energy that seems tailor-made for the euphoric lyrics, written by Birch. 

For even more rock-influenced energy, Jonathan Thorpenberg mixed and mastered the song. While he’s active as the singer of the metal band The Unguided, he has produced pop and EDM through the years. 

But apart from these influences, “What a Time” is more pop than anything. Think of summer hits like “Something Just Like This”, with similar carefree lyrics about love. 

Matobi signed to Rexius Records in 2019 and released “Time’s Up” soon after. The song was featured on blogs like Caesar Live N Loud, which wrote: “It instantly got me the urge to get up and dance”. 

The duo is preparing for the release of “What a Time” on the 6th of August.