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In the land of dreams

Swedish rock solo project Winterland returns with “Twilight”, an atmospheric song with oniric themes. Developing his signature yacht rock style and his exploration of synth sounds, the track reminds of some of Winterland’s influences, such as Hall and Oates and Fleetwood Mac.

Fredrik Nilsson, the project’s creator, comments on the track’s lyrics, “It’s about dreams! being in dreamland”. The topic influences the track both lyrically as well as in musical terms, shaping an atmosphere that, in Fredrik’s own words, seeks to “create a mood”.

On the track’s lyrics, Nilsson also relays, “I like the writings of artists like Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), where the listener can develop their own storyline”, This artistic preference also develops the oniric theme of the track, which, like dreams, remains open for interpretation.

A music enthusiast from an early age, Fredrik Nilsson has played with several bands over the years, allowing him to develop a mature sound, which permeated his previous project, the band Waterhill.

Nilsson’s Winterland got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. He’s now preparing for the release of ”Twilight”, on June 10th.