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Let You Go

A ceaseless longing

Swedish EDM artist Digrasso returns with “Let You Go”, a dynamic track about holding on to someone. With an expressive vocal performance and catchy melodies, the song reminds of the sound of David Guetta.

Speaking on the song’s topic, Digrasso comments, “This track is about a relationship that fell through. But this person just can’t let go of it”. With a mixture of danceable beats and reflective lyrics, the song explores the denial and refusal to move on after a loss, or as the artist describes, “A feeling of regret for what used to be”.

Featuring singer Ernest Noah, the duo recorded the song at the singer’s home studio, after it was written by Digrasso in his apartment last fall.

Digrasso has been featured in over a hundred curated playlists and about 20 different blogs, with highlights that include lists such as Digster Italy and Romania, KissFM, This Is Tomorrowland and POP vibes. As well as blogs such as Bong mines entertainment, POPMuzik and LA On Lock. 

In 2021 the artist got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. He’s currently preparing for the release of “Let You Go”, On August 12th.