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“The Old You” – The Echo of a Dwindling Friendship

Izzy Maher’s Emotional New Song

Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Izzy Maher is set to release her poignant new single “The Old You” on April 12th. Echoing the expressive sound of artists like Lizzie McAlpine and Julien Baker, the song explores the pain and grief sparked by a friendship that has drifted apart.

With its moving acoustic guitar sound and its emotional crescendo, “The Old You” accurately portrays the pain stirred by acknowledging the loss of a very close friendship. The lyrics serve as a candid letter to the friend, confronting the feelings of grief while reminiscing, longing for the long-gone version of that person.

Written by Izzy Maher and recorded at Pharaoh Studios in Plainville, CT under the guidance of Recording Engineer Pace Ferro, the song features the collaboration of multi-instrumentalist Julian Sherwood on the instrumental part. The song was also produced, mixed, and mastered by Nico Koufakis.

Izzy Maher’s journey in music has been a testament to her evolving artistry. Since her debut release “Cupcake” in 2021, she has forged an intimate sound, exploring various themes and deep emotions through her personal songwriting. With “The Old You,” she opens herself further to show her most vulnerable side, expressing feelings of anger and emotional turmoil like never before.

After the release of her first EP “Here’s to Hoping,” in 2023, Izzy Maher signed with Rexius Records, as she continues to share her intimate and expressive music with the world. Don’t miss the release of “The Old You” on April 12th, and immerse yourself in its poignant soundscape.

Artwork: Simon Renström

Photo: Romy Weidner

Izzy Maher