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“Everybody Knows” – Unveiling a Bitter Truth

Parmis’ Expressive New Single

British-Persian pop artist Parmis is set to release her poignant new single, “Everybody Knows,” on April 19th. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Madison Beer and Dove Cameron, the song describes the disappointing clarity that ensues after a breakup.

“Everybody Knows” captures the growing frustration and eventual acceptance following a harsh separation. It portrays the initial optimism and subsequent disillusionment, highlighting the bitter truth of a relationship that friends and outsiders often perceive more clearly than the people involved.

Written by Parmis, “Everybody Knows” emerges as a natural thematic progression from her previous releases. The song serves as the culmination of a story that started with a love song (Ten Toes), moved to a breakup song (Warning Signs), then a harsh acceptance (Wonderland) to arrive at the bitter aftermath (Everybody Knows).

Echoing the style of her debut single, “Everybody Knows” highlights Parmis’ songwriting prowess as she narrates a richly detailed story, employing her descriptive lyrics to explore multiple perspectives. The song was recorded in London and features the expert mixing and mastering skills of Nico Koufakis.

Parmis is a talented storyteller who blends poetry and vivid imagery embellished by her powerful and expressive voice. She released her debut single “Ten Toes”, in 2019, followed by the emotional “Warning Signs” in 2022. That same year, she signed with Rexius Records, and together they released “Wonderland”, her biggest single to date.

Don’t miss the release of Parmis’ “Everybody Knows” on April 19th, a song that promises to resonate with listeners through its heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melodies.

Photo: Aminat Adenuga