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Singing in an ocean of stories

Rexius Records

London, UK



British-Persian pop artist Parmis channels stories and deep feelings through the soulful sound of her voice. Influenced by songwriters like Taylor Swift and powerful voices such as Christina Aguilera’s, her artistry feeds as much from poetry as it does from storytelling.

“I was always a storyteller growing up and was quite introverted so I would escape into poems or writing fiction stories”, she relays, detailing how her childhood love of singing would grow hand in hand with her writing, organically shaping her identity as a songwriter.

This organic connection to music and stories is also embedded in her creative process, “I find my most powerful songwriting will come from freestyling in the moment when I’m feeling inspired”. Her voice becomes a portal for her creations through her intuitive connection, “When I find a melody moving enough, the lyrics will naturally flow to me”.

Parmis released her debut single “Ten Toes” in 2019, followed by the emotional “Warning Signs” in 2022. In that same year she signed with Rexius Records, aiming to continue her creative path.


“Everybody Knows” – Unveiling a Bitter Truth

Release Date: April 19, 2024