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An open-hearted confession

An open-hearted confession

Swedish pop artist Per-Albin debuts with Stanna, a heartfelt admission on lost love. With calm synth sounds and an expressive vocal performance, the track reminds of Miriam Bryant and Victor Leksell’s reflective expressiveness on “tystnar i luren”.

“For me, the song was a bit like an apology to the recipient”, Per-Albin explains. “The song describes how you can take everything for granted and that it was not until it was too late that you realized how nice the relationship actually was.”

“Stanna” marks Per-Albin’s debut as an artist, kickstarting his career with a deep, intimate performance.

Detailing the creative process behind the song, the artist relays how the emotional aspect of the lyrics shaped the track. “The song’s first draft is in a much higher key, but since it took a lot of emotion to get the right message in the song, I chose to lower it to make it more down-to-earth.” 

Musically oriented from an early age, Per-Albin’s special connection to music gave him the motivation to carry on over the years . “The passion for music kind of forced me not to give up.” “So much of my music is (simply described) about the difficulties of getting through life and everyday life.” 

In 2021 the artist got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. He’s currently preparing for the release of “Stanna” on April 29.

Photo: Aamod Korhonen