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A strong vindication

Swedish rap artist Xersize returns with “Decennium”, a raw portrait of the rapper’s frustrations and his titanic drive to move forward. With a minimalist piano and strong energetic rhymes which evoke sounds similar to NF’s, “Decennium” reveals an intimate side of the artist.

“The song is about having worked for something for an entire decade and yet feeling that you’re trudging water” Xersize explains. “It’s about knowing that you’re better than what you get credit for”

The song strikes a sharp contrast to his previous work, showing an open-hearted confession about the struggle of being an indie artist. “This is very different compared to my earlier work. It is also way more personal in a way that I usually don’t do. This was not about a break up or mental health, this was about music, which is the most personal thing in my life.” 

Kickstarting his collaboration with producer Robinholta, the duo spent several late nights working over the phone and video chatting to get the track together. It was finally recorded in the rapper’s personal studio and then assembled by the producer.

Xersize’s debut album “Xersize” was released in 2019, followed by his second album “Välkommen Hem” in 2020. He’s currently preparing for the release of “Decennium”, available on May 6th via Rexius Records.

Photo: Daniel Wahlström