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The Secrets You Hide

Bonds of Uncertainty

Swedish folk-pop band Leading Edge is releasing its second single of 2022 this spring. “The Secrets You Hide” depicts the uncertainties in a deep connection to someone, with a sound characterized by radiant guitar harmonies and folk-inspired violin melodies. 

“The song is about feeling a strong bond to a person in your life,” songwriter and co-lead vocalist Anna Johannisson explains. “Feeling that you’re there for each other. At the same time, there’s uncertainty about the relationship and whether you want it to be that way.”

The song was recorded in the summer of 2021 at producer Alexander Asp’s studio in Gothenburg. The band has maintained a consistent folk-pop sound since the start of their collaboration with the producer in 2020. 

“We have worked with vocal harmonies a lot,” Johannisson tells us. “The difference is that Lewis (guitarist/lead singer) and I now sing together more often than we used to.”

Leading Edge originated as a group of university students in the southern city of Lund. Founded in 2012 by Anna Johannisson, the band is now led by her and Lewis Belcher. 

They released their first EP in 2016 and got signed to Rexius Records in 2019. The single “Radio Shadow” and subsequent album “Northern Lights” were released under the label in 2020.  

The band returned in 2022 with “Sin City”, with an accompanying music video recorded in the streets of Malmö. The video was premiered on Swedish music magazine HYMN. 

“The Secrets You Hide” will be available on May 13th, 2022. 

Designer of artwork: Grigory Kornienko

Photographer: Albin Wilson

Leading Edge