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Running Wild

Running Wild

The combination of a steady pop beat and a gentle but mischievous vocal performance make “Running Wild” the perfect candidate for a “mixed signals” playlist (yes, there is such a thing). Swedish singer/songwriter SINNAH’s new single depicts that oh-so-relatable, confusing stage of romance when you want to know if things are going beyond a simple “thrill of the chase”.

The sound has a Nordic touch that reminds you of Tove Styrke or Rebecca & Fiona. But with SINNAH’s unmistakable ability not to take herself too seriously, such a declaration of mixed emotions never leaves behind the catchy, upbeat melodies she’s become known for.

With “Running Wild”, we get to know a different side to SINNAH’s love stories, all while maintaining her classy no-drama attitude. While its predecessor “Angry Ex” had a tongue-in-cheek bubbly approach to breakup, her new single presents us with a more complex mix of emotions.

Equal parts sexy and assertive in the style of post-teen pop divas like Taylor Swift, “Running Wild” lingers on like a determined heartbeat. This is not a song to whine about your crush, but rather a confident refusal to fall into relationship traps.

An artist whose motto could be “Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins”, SINNAH’s effervescent personality has been imprinted on her music since her debut last year. Songs like “Answer Me” (her first single, added to Swedish radio’s D-rotation) and “Angry Ex” have gotten her media attention and radio features in Sweden and Spain; as well as a broad audience in Northern Europe, USA and Latin America.

She’s now preparing for the release of “Running Wild” in February under Swedish label Rexius Records, followed by an EP later this year.

Cutting to the Love Chase

February 26, 2019