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Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Unfound Reliance is now releasing “Hellbound”, the second episode in a brutal saga featuring the production of Peter Iwers (former In Flames, Chyra). In its role as a bearer of harsh truths, the quintet presents us with a no-bullshit portrayal of mental illness, including the mandatory epic guitar solo that evokes associations to Nordic giants like Soilwork.

“Hellbound” was recorded as part of an EP infused with social awareness. Unfound Reliance deems it nonnegotiable for a band in a small country where about a million people are taking prescription drugs for mental illness.

“Sadly, things like anxiety and depression are more common than you might think. There are people who don’t know where to seek help and worst case, DON’T see a way out of the darkness they live in”, frontman Andrew Johansson explains.

“Hellbound” isn’t only a reflection on illness, but also on the way society is dealing with it. “What’s even more disturbing is that there aren’t enough resources to help everyone. So we’re basically encouraging people to get help where there isn’t any available”, Johansson continues.

Harsh reality, harsh sound: Unfound Reliance might be called “melodic”, but “Hellbound” isn’t cheap on the rough riffs and vocals. Even in its cleanest moments, Johansson’s voice maintains the toughness required for a band that pays such a loyal homage to the giants of the Gothenburg sound.

Unfound Reliance started as a hard rock cover band in 2013 in their native Karlstad. The release of their single “End Time” in 2017 got them the top position on Swedish national radio station P3’s program for upcoming acts.

Their single ”Cowards and Heroes”, released in 2018, has conquered legions of listeners in Latin America and Europe. “Hellbound” will be released in March, followed by “A Layered Mind, the band’s first EP.

Ruthless Inner Warfare

March 1, 2019