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Following their European tour as an opening act for Novelists, Swedish deathcore band A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk is now releasing “Cycles”, a new single among a series of reflections on the current state of environmental destruction. The song introduces us to their most brutal sound so far, evoking associations to acts like Divisions and Aversions Crown.

In the case of ADTDT, environmentalism is not just an isolated topic for a conceptual work. The very name of this Gothenburg-based act makes it clear: This is the banner of arms for a band whose frontman is engaged in environmental activism beyond his musical activities.

There has to be someone who spits out the truth, according to Adam Rexius (vocals). “Cycles” is a crude self-examination of humans: “To expose what we’re doing and what its consequences are”, he explains.

The urgency of the matter compels for an equally pressing and forceful protest. Cycles’ intro presents us with a very dissonant chord that feels like the rusty aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse.

But as soon as the first verse starts, we’re confronted with a savage riff and a vocal performance that will make any seasoned listener of brutal death metal feel at home.

There’s also an evident metalcore approach in Cycles’ production: Robert Kukla (production) and Max Maly (mix/master) make sure there’s a healthy doze of chopped riffs and the mandatory epic breakdown.

Cycles’ concept is completed by a video depicting the apparent simplicity in an interaction between two humans that ends quite gruesomely.

ADTDT was formed in the summer of 2011 as a Rammstein cover act in the Swedish metalhead city of Gothenburg. They signed to Rexius Records in 2017, touring Eastern Europe later that year and recently opening for Novelists and Barrier. “Cycles” will be available on May the 3rd.

Ecology for the Brutally Seasoned

May 3, 2019