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Beggars & Buskers

Beggars & Buskers

As springtime is starting to bloom across a cloudy Sweden, so is the indie rock trio Surfin’ Charlie. With upbeat pop rock riffs with a hint of old punk, their new single “Beggars & Buskers” will echo across every corner of every city. The pop-influence in the song is similar to 2000s acts like Johnossi, however, the key elements is a clear reflection of their British peers, like The Clash.

Surfin’ Charlie is not afraid of fooling around with catchy, upbeat tunes, which makes their approach to songwriting almost closer to the Swedish approach to pop music rather than to a standard pop-punk act. Produced by Alexander Asp, “Beggars & Buskers” is one of the songs on the album that reflects more of their punk side.  In the track, Surfin’ Charlie manage to combine extremely upbeat earworms with quite depressing and cynical lyricism in their music. As the frontman Julius Mann would explain it: “The music doesn’t always need to reflect the words. It’s rather a sort of ‘stand up and scream to the lyrics on the dance floor’-depression”.

Surfin’ Charlie has a unique sound that screams pure passion and honesty. Best put by  the band themselves, “We’re gonna keep playing our guitars no matter what’s up with the charts. It’s in our bloodstream, in our minds and hearts. It’s been like that since the very start”

The indie rock trio first came together as a band during their early high school years back in 2013 in the small town Skövde. In 2017 they released their first single “Sugar” that got them a feature on Swedish radio and almost 300 000 streams among an European audience. Later that year the band signed with the Gothenburg-based independent label Rexius Records.

The band have been doing live performances across Sweden in preparation for the release of their upcoming album “Loose Ends”, set to release 2019. The album features a mix of the liberating punked out tracks like “Beggars & Buskers” and the more reflective side of the group. In February 2019 they released the first song from the album “Hang ‘Em High” and now the band are excited to release their new single “Beggars & Buskers” on April 5th.

Energised Throwback to Punk.

April 5, 2019