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Exploring the Dark Side of Quick Fixes and the Value of True Transformation

Estonian artist PK is set to release a new song called “remedy” on June 2nd. The song’s post-punk sound is reminiscent of the style of POORSTACY, reflecting a dark exploration of how experiences, people around us, and fear can influence individuals, leading them to search for a remedy to pick themselves up.

“Remedy” also speaks of the importance of the will to push through and change. “We can’t cry for the previous versions of ourselves. Being stuck in “you lost your true self” is ultimately pointless. Just be.” PK reflects.

The song was recorded in PK’s home studio in Tallinn, Estonia, in the spring of 2022, with producer Erlax providing the instrumental and producer Martin Randalu in charge of the mixing and mastering. “Remedy” reflects both the artist’s personal life as well as his path as an artist. “Sonically I love every period I’ve had but overall ‘remedy’ is the combination of all of them.” PK relays.

Debuting as a rapper in 2004, PK has since released a great number of albums and singles that have explored a unique blend of various different genres. Since 2020 he has been creating music in English. In 2023 he signed with Rexius Records.

When asked about the lessons from the songwriting and recording process, PK shared, “I learned that we don’t always need a remedy.” With “remedy,” PK delivers a powerful message of pushing through and embracing change, while also making us understand that sometimes, we don’t need a remedy. Make sure to mark your calendars for the song’s release on June 2nd.

Artwork: Raine Kapp

Photo: Raine Kapp