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I’ll Go There

A Story of Seduction and Desire

American pop artist Drea Jeann is set to release her latest single “I’ll Go There” on June 2nd. The song describes a flirtatious tension around two people and the scenarios that come with it. Reminiscent of Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa’s upbeat and infectious pop anthems, “I’ll Go There” is a departure from the more introspective tone of Drea Jeann’s previous releases.

“I honestly was just feeling like writing a flirtatious and carefree song!” she reveals, reflecting on the fun creative process that showcased her storytelling abilities and a different side of her persona that is well reflected in the song.

Produced and co-written by the acclaimed producer, Eddie Wohl, “I’ll Go There” was recorded in Los Angeles in 2019-2020. The song reflects the synergy of her fruitful partnership with the producer, which has been an essential part of her development as an artist.

Drea Jeann’s journey as an artist has been one of hard work and dedication, she has performed music since the age of 3, developing as a musician through her school years, exploring a broad range of genres that would go from jazz, musical theater, classical music and pop.

She released her debut single “Faithfully” in 2019, followed by several more singles in the next 3 years, signing with Rexius Records in 2023. Don’t miss out on “I’ll Go There”, available on June 2nd.

Photo: Jeremy Lee

Drea Jeann