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Revealing More of His Inner Self Through Music

Swedish artist Princis is set to release his album “Home” on June 9th. This LP is the English version of his 2022 album “Hemma,” which he had written in Swedish as a way to find his truest self. The album’s main theme is honesty, with Princis revealing his personal experiences in the lyrics.

Inspired by the TV show “Så mycket bättre”, which featured artists sharing personal stories through their performances, Princis found an expressive connection to his native tongue that now he aims to share through English to the international audience and his friends all over the world. 

The creative process of “Home” included the re-masterization of the entire Swedish album, adding new background vocals from choir virtuosos Ewelina Westin and Sara Grafström. The album again features a full band, including Grammy-awarded jazz drummer Sebastian Brydniak, bassist Erik Johansson, keyboard player Rune Gardell, electric guitarist Henrik Thomsson, and harmonica player Mikael Strömkvist. It was mastered by Linus Larsson.

Princis found inspiration for the album in soul and jazz chords, particularly 9th chords, which gave it a smooth neo-soul sound, reminiscent of Silk Sonic. The album is his first foray into the genre of Gotlandic soul. He hopes to continue his success in sharing his intimate and soulful music with the world through “Home”.

Princis has been selected twice for P4 Nästa, and has released three albums since his 2016 debut. He was signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021, together they’ll release “Home” on June 9th.

Photo: Mathilda Lavergren