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My Camera

Discover the joyful nostalgia of the project’s debut single

Swedish pop project Wonderfun debuts with their single “My Camera” on May 26th. Blending retro-pop influences from bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys with more modern sounds like Weezer and Rex Orange County, Wonderfun creates a unique and joyful listening experience.

“The song is a little pop tune about a man who loves his camera excessively.” says Wonderboy, the talented mastermind behind the project. Inspired by a dear friend who was inseparable from his camera, Wonderboy wrote the song through his usual creative process “Always the melody first. The melody comes from above and can be finished in two minutes. The lyrics, on the other hand, you have to struggle with”. 

The recording of “My Camera” took place in various studios in Malmö, Sweden, including Gula Studion, 9 Volt Studios and Wonderfun’s home studio.

With its melodic pop style and 70’s feeling, “My Camera” is a representative example of Wonderfun’s sound, which brings nostalgic pop sounds into the modern age, and is guaranteed to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

Don’t miss out on Wonderfun’s debut release after signing with Rexius Records in 2023. “My Camera” is set to be released on May 26th. Keep an eye out for more from this exciting new pop project.

Artwork: Wonderfun