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In My Bed

A Smooth and Sensual New Single

Danish, Sweden-based pop artist LAKRITS is set to release his newest single “In My Bed” on May 19th. The song tells a chronological story of yearning for a special someone that progresses to reach a resolution where he finally gets to be with them.

Inspired by his personal experiences and by the sound of nu-funk artist Dabeull, LAKRITS wanted to break away from deep and personal lyrics and keep the topic light and accessible. He wrote the song seeking a tasteful and classy approach while shaping its sensual vibe. With simple and rhymable lyrics, LAKRITS sought to keep the smooth instrumentation and melodies in focus while developing the lyrics around them.

“It’s my most funky track to date”, LAKRITS relays, with a confessed love for groovy basslines that is sure to inspire his future work. His approach to lyrics was to settle on a topic and make changes over time to sound more direct and focused. “The lyrics in this song are written in the style of Max Martin, focusing on words that are nice to hear (vowels) instead of intrinsic lyrics with a lot of consonants”.

LAKRITS produced the track entirely, recording it in 2022 in his bedroom in Stockholm where he also finished it.

LAKRITS released his debut single, “Momentarily Free” in 2021, followed by two more singles in 2022. In that same year he signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. “In My Bed” is a must-listen for anyone who loves sensual and groovy music. Don’t miss out on LAKRITS’s newest release available on all major streaming platforms on May 19th.

Photo: Erik Lilja