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It Was Never Me

Starting to move on

Swedish indie pop artist Julia K finds resolution in “It Was Never Me”, a reflective song about the aftermath of a relationship. The song’s indie rock vibes and expressive vocal performance bring forth memories of the style of artists like Beabadobee and Alvvays.

Discussing the meaning of the song, Julia relays, “It’s pretty much about getting dumped. And getting disappointed every time because ‘it was never me’”. The song’s lyrics and sound reflect Julia’s mixed feelings on the situation, “it’s not really a sad song. I remember when I wrote the lyrics, I wasn’t sad, I was fine”.

“The story behind the lyrics is more that it’s okay to be dumped, I’m fine and that’s life”. Behind the obvious disappointment, the song also suggests a certain disenchantment, “I’m singing ‘clouds up in the sky, floating better than my life’, pretty ironic and one way to say that I don’t really care”.

Recorded initially as a piano ballad, the song transformed itself in the studio with the assistance of producer Petter Lithvall, in an interesting creative process, “I started liking the song more and more throughout the process”, confesses Julia. 

Julia K released her debut song “I Wanna Cry” in 2022. In 2021, she signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, she’s now preparing for the release of “It Was Never Me” on March 24th.

Julia K