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How Did I Get Here?

Reflecting on life’s blessings

American alternative hip hop artist Schmitty takes his time to appreciate life in “How Did I Get Here?”, a song that draws inspiration from Post Malone’s sound and reminds you of the summer vibes of Nicky Youre and Dazy’s “Sunroof”.

“The topic of the song is appreciating where you have gotten to in your life!” reflects Schmitty, speaking about the inspiration behind the song. “I was loungin’ around vibin’ to a beat when I thought, ‘Hey, I’ve gotten to do some cool things in my life!’”. 

Recorded during his tenure in Florida with the assistance of producer Nico Koufakis, the track’s first verse reminisces with his younger self on the highlights of his life and the trip. “Hanging out with my buddies down in Florida was the biggest influence!”, “I even lived in a mansion on the water for 6 months!”.

The song also reflects Schmitty’s constant efforts in pursuit of his dreams, “I wanted it to show I’m not just partying and having fun, but I’m working hard and living out my dreams as well”. 

“I hope it helps others sit back and appreciate what they have too! I also hope it helps motivate some people to strive towards their dreams and have fun while doing it!”, he concludes. 

Schmitty released his first single in 2020, following two more the next year. In 2021 he signed with Rexius Records, releasing his popular songs “Best Friends” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” with the label. He’s now preparing for the release of “How Did I Get Here?” on March 17th.

Photo: Alex Jonsson